The feed grinder gets some attention in the machine shop.

The other day a neighbor stopped by with a problem with his feed grinder.








The unloading auger had worn through the sheet metal.  I had then caught on the worn through hole and torn the entire tube and flange off the the elbow on the grinder.


To repair it I cut a sheet metal ring to put inside the tube and welded all of the torn metal back to it.  The elbow was heavy enough steel that I could weld that directly back together.  It turned out that the auger itself had gotten bent as well so that needed some straightening.








If you have vehicle, or equipment parts that are worn or damaged bring them to me and I can probably repair them.


About maxxind

After working in the research and development fields for 20 years doing electronics and machining work, I'm now out on my own trying to make a go of it.
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