Graphite, A mess in the machine shop.

Finished up some graphite test bars yesterday.  It machines quite easy but it sure makes a mess of the machine.(and the operator)  I had to build a fixture to cut the 9″ radius. It worked OK for these, but I don’t think it will be a permanent shop fixture.  It’s not rigid enough to cut harder materials.

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The Bronze Ring

I’ve had a few orders for these precision machined rings.  They are an enjoyable but challenging part to make.  The material is a copper-nickel and it’s quite “sticky” and produces a lot of heat when machined.  The chips in the header picture are actually some of the drillings from the first batch.  The part also had a required tolerance of +-.002″ on the length so I had to be very careful parting them off.

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Welding needed for the John Deere H spindles

Here is a part I repaired for a fellow a while back.  The tractor had continued to be used after the wheel bearings had failed and the front spindles were severely damaged.  The repair involved welding the damaged areas to fill in the worn away material, then machining away the weld to restore the bearing surfaces to their original sizes.  I was not able to remove the 3 foot long steering shaft from the spindle assembly so it made turning them back down a difficult task.


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Not just for metal.

I’ve been gluing up some oak 4 x 4’s and since I can’t turn them in my wood lathe I thought the metal lathe will work fine. Not exactly precision machining but hey, a fellow needs to have some variety.

Need to be a little creative with the tool post….







A few updates:  After gluing up the head and foot boards I steam bent a top trim board (see the post here)Steam Bending,  glued and clamped the assembly,  and got started finishing.










And here we are, ready to go.

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